Modern Reusable Nappies

The Complete Guide to Cloth Nappies

Sara from Earthside Eco Bums and The Nappy Guru, Kam Andrews presented workshops throughout May and June 2023 guiding locals through a reusable nappy journey.

Participants where provided an opportunity to ‘ask and play’ until they ‘walked away’ feeling confident with cloth!

Workshop participants were given a kit to take home and try! Each kit being valued at $100 and included the following:

  • One cloth nappy with a bamboo charcoal insert
  • One cloth nappy with organic cotton/bamboo insert
  • One reusable swim nappy (medium size)
  • One additional bamboo charcoal insert
  • One additional bamboo/cotton insert
  • Four reusable bamboo wipes
  • One wet bag

Those residents who were unable to attend a workshop, were asked to indicate their interest in future workshops and the continuation of a cloth nappy sample or a nappy rebate being initiated through the City of Swan.

Based on feedback from workshop participants and those who were unable to attend, City staff are now preparing a business case for similar opportunities to be offered to City of Swan residents.

Continue to follow this page for any future updates in this space.

What we learnt from participants

Participants overwhelming encouraged to change habits or practices in relation to their use of and care of cloth nappies.

In general, participants indicated that the kit provided was a great starter kit to encourage people to consider cloth.

46% of participants indicated that the incentive kit influenced their decision to use reusable nappies after their attendance at a workshop.

8% of participants report effort, lack of time and financial barriers as preventing them using  cloth nappies

23 of 43 participants believe the City of Swan should continue to provide a sample cloth nappy kit for households with new borns. 

98% of participants would recommend the workshops to others