Local Heritage Survey Review

All local governments are required, under the Heritage Act 2018 to compile and maintain a Local Heritage Survey of places that are, or may become of local cultural heritage significance.

The Local Heritage Survey review will be conducted in stages to allow a detailed review of each area. Stage one comprises of Midland, Woodbridge and Bellevue.

Help the City recognise, celebrate and protect your local heritage.


Local Heritage Survey Review Stage 1 Progress

Thank you to everyone who nominated a place for the Local Heritage Survey.

The City received an astonishing 284 community nominations! This is an incredible contribution by our community and represents a substantial amount of time and research to identify places that may be of cultural heritage significance that deserve to be recognised as such. This includes places of European, Aboriginal, and natural heritage.

How We’re Tracking

We have reviewed all the nominations received and are now preparing for the next step of conducting place site inspections.

The City will soon be writing to land owners and occupants of nominated places to let them know their place has been nominated and if applicable, ask them for permission to access the place to complete a heritage assessment.

The Local Heritage Survey is a living document that provides an invaluable insight of the role the City of Swan’s places play in telling the story of our history. To ensure its currency, we are also reviewing and updating all existing place records in the Local Heritage Survey. The Thematic Historical Framework, which informs the Local Heritage Survey, is being updated in tandem with the review.

What’s Next?

Once the assessments of all nominated and existing places in Stage One is complete, we will seek Council’s permission to advertise. This will provide the community another opportunity to have your say and contribute to The Local Heritage Survey and Thematic Historical Framework.

Follow the page to stay up to date with Stage 1 and all nominated places.

Final Step for Stage 1

The final collection of places for Stage 1 and the Thematic History will then be brought back to Council again for discussion and for permission to adopt Stage 1 of the Local Heritage Survey Review.

Project map