Railway Parade, Great Northern Highway Intersection

We are seeking feedback from Upper Swan residents on proposed changes to the intersection of Railway Parade and Great Northern Highway.

Currently, vehicles can turn right out of Railway Parade onto Great Northern Highway. However, analysis indicates that with increased traffic in the area due to new residential homes, it will no longer be safe or practical to undertake a right turn. Therefore, the City is proposing to convert the intersection to left-in left-out only.

Residents in the area are able to access Great Northern Highway via the Apple Street roundabout, and so the change should not significantly affect travel times.

The left-in and left-out intersection would be implemented by constructing a solid median island on Great Northern Highway and associated signage and line-marking, as shown in the plan. A pedestrian crossing may also be included in the design of the new intersection.

As Upper Swan residents are aware, there is a temporary closure in place at the intersection of Railway Parade and Apple Street. In future the City will review the requirement for the closure, however for now no changes are proposed. The changes to the intersection of Railway Parade and Great Northern Highway are required whether or not the closure is in place.

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A solid median island will be constructed on Great Northern Highway across the intersection with appropriate signage and line marking

See the drawing of the proposed work below

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