Public Art at Kingfisher Oval

Do you spend your free time enjoying Kingfisher oval? What do you want to see around the playground? In 2024 we will be renewing the playground and as a part of the renewal we will be adding public art to the area to make it a more attractive place for you and your family to visit.

Before we ask artists to submit designs, we want to be able to give them an idea of what the community want to see. Can you think of some possible themes to give the artists inspiration on what public art should be installed?

Submit your ideas below, think out of the box, playful and fun!

Consultation closed on May 26, 2023



Recently you spent some time providing us with your online feedback about the Public Art at Kingfisher Oval. The Public Art works have been awarded to artist group Concreto! The design development of the artwork is underway with an expected installation of the artwork to occur in February 2024. Please ‘follow’ this project on the Swan Engage page to receive automatic updates by clicking on the below link.