Brigadoon Playspace

The City of Swan developed three playspace concept plans for the vacant land on the corner of Connemara Drive and Wallaby Road and consulted with the community from November 2022 to January 2023 asking their preferred concept whilst providing feedback on specific playground equipment.

Theland was originally considered for atennis court which wasnt implemented at the time of subdivision, however the developers have now contributed$200,000.00 towards a playspace on thissite.

Initial community feedback received as part of a City wide consultation indicated a preference to use this as a new local play space. The City completed three concept options with this in mind.

Based on community feedback, the City has included $282,000 funding in addition to the developers contribution on the draft 2024/25 budget for Council's adoption in June 2023. Design is scheduled for 2023/24 with construction in 2024/25.

We have updated the design concept to reflect the below findings from the consultation

  • 87% support constructing a playspace at this site
  • Concept preferences
    • 76% - Concept one
    • 16% - Concept two
    • 8% - Concept three
  • Playground one was the most popular main combination piece
  • Basket Swing Pendulum was the most popular single piece of equipment
  • Multiple comments were made requesting
    • Shade
    • Single basketball ring with backboard
    • Additional tree planning to provide a boarder to the neighbouring lots

You can view the approved design on the right hand side of this page.